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REDSTART Instrumentation is a start-up company founded in 2017.

We are a team of physicists, mathematicians, computer scientists and engineers. Together, we hold decades of experience in machine vision applications, development of industrial sensors, pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment as well as interdisciplinary scientific research in pharmaceutical technology, machine vision and data analysis.


We are dedicated to bring the ever rising capabilities of machine vision technology and sophisticated data analysis methods to truly benefit you, our customers. With our customers always in center of focus, our smart sensors are easy-to-use to bring you all the benefits quickly and cost-effectively. With the rising trends of continuous production in mind, we design our products to enable a smooth transition to a modern, environment friendly and cost-effective »Industry 4.0« manufacturing.


Dr. Nika Oman Kadunc,


“I found my passion for industrial automation and machine vision working on development of industrial sensors and on computer vision algorithms. With background in physics, I spent years in research, developing new machine vision methods for monitoring the dynamical pellet coating process. My research was awarded the Krka Prize in 2017, by the Slovenian pharmaceutical company Krka.


REDSTART Instrumentation was founded to bring the best of new technologies into modern PAT solutions that will help open your R&D and production to a new level of understanding and productivity.”



Get in touch with us for an offer, a demonstration and options for a trial.

We will gladly discuss your specific R&D or production challenges to build the optimal SWIFT-EYE solution for you.

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